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Introduction & Disclaimer


This website is a collaborative effort of frequent posters on the diesel discussion forum of We decided to start this page to help new owners of older Diesel Benz get to know their cars and feel comfortable with some of the simple repairs and diagnostics.

This site is under perpetual construction, and will grow as more and more repair processes are added.

The owners, builders and contributors to this site, and by extension, the owners, builders, and contributors to assume no liability if anything goes wrong when putting any of the how-to portions of this site to use. Do-it-yourself repairs always incur a certain amount of risk and the person doing the repairs should assume all of the risks and liabilities borne from the repairs and the procedures they follow.

Further, the owners, builders, and contributors to the site recognize that "Mercedes", "Mercedes- Benz", the three-pointed star, and various model numbers are the registered trademarks of Daimler- Chrysler. This site is in no way affiliated with Daimler- Chrysler, Mercedes- Benz of North America, or Mercedes- Benz U.S.A.